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  • Dumb Socialist

    "This site just confirms that lib voters are dummer than their leaders."

    -Typical Republican

  • Idiot Democrat

    "Well, at least this crap makes it easy to tell who the socialists are."


  • Leftist Moron

    "You morons dont serisly think brandon has a chance in 24, do you?"

    -Crying Cuckold

  • Crying Communist

    "The dumbest bunch of t-shirts I've ever seen. Perfectly suits its customer base."

    -Trump Buttlicker

  • Sad Feminist

    "You people are really just coping with the fact that Trump actually won."

    -Sad Loser

  • Jealous Uggo

    "I cant belive your allowed to sell this BS and make money??! LOL"

    -Failed Businessman

  • Angry Loser

    "I bet the people who run this site are all married to their siblings."


  • Biden Backer

    "How many dems does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Who knows, they've never done a day's work in their lives."

    -Unemployed Mooch

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